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Idaho Public Health Gem Award 2015 

Presented By: Idaho Public Health Association



April 9, 2015

            The Idaho Public Health Association has recognized the Idaho Primary Care Association (IPCA), with its’ Idaho Public Health Gem Award as part of National Public Health WeekIPCA has been working with Idaho communities to advocate for community-based health care, and the health clinics that are members of IPCA are critical to the delivery of high quality, holistic, person centered health care. IPCA provides training and technical assistance to Idaho's 13 community health centers in the areas of community development, quality improvement, workforce development and health center operations. According to  Jaime Harding, MHS, President of the Idaho Public Health Association“IPCAs work throughout Idaho ensures that our most vulnerable residents have access to affordable quality health care that includes medical, dental and behavioral health services,”.  Harding continued “The model of community-based, comprehensive health care that IPCA helps to support provides a benchmark for the work of the Idaho Healthcare Coalition as it works to redesign the Idaho’s health care delivery system under the State Healthcare Innovation Plan."

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