Policy and Advocacy

What do we do?

Policy and Advocacy advocates for the health of families and individuals in Idaho by:

  • monitoring the status of public health legislation,
  • providing a communication network to inform and mobilize IPHA membership and community partners,
  • building partnerships with local advocates and policymakers to strengthen the voice of public health, and
  • providing policymakers with evidence-based information on health-related issues.

Who are we?

Policy and Advocacy professionals are a committed group of professionals and students from diverse public and private organizational backgrounds.  Currently, our membership is comprised of representatives in health care, education, the non-profit sector, and public health programs.


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APHA Advocacy and Policy Activities



Advocacy Activities: As members of the public health community and constituents, your involvement in the policy formation process is very important. Learn about current public health legislation and APHA’s position on various issues:

Take Action! By sustaining a vocal and noticeable presence throughout the policy-making process, public health professionals can ensure that vital public health programs and services are protected and supported - both fiscally and politically. Get involved and help chart the direction of policy. 

Check out the "Healthiest Nation in One Generation" Video from APHA. Then visit www.generationpublichealth.org for information about how YOU can help spread the word.

IPHA is part of a coalition of over 20 other major health organizations advocating for an increase in Idaho's tobacco tax.  To become involved in this effort, please click here.  For data showing the benefits of increasing Idaho's tobacco tax, click here.
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